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Science Fiction
2017.08.05 10:48

Absolute North (Nord absolu )

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Extra Form
Author Fabrice Lardreau
Country France
Specifications Language: French
ISBN-10: 2714445896
ISBN-13: 978-2714445896
Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 0.7 x 8.9 inches
Publisher Publisher: Belfond; NON CLASSE edition (2009)


Absolute north)0_.jpg


A country in Northern Europe/A Northern-European country, somewhere beyond the Arctic Circle. Two men stride across the capital, Medisën, a city surrounded by water. Paul Janüs, a journalist, is following the second round of the presidential campaign. Fascinated by Stalitlën, the populist candidate who could win the election in a landslide, he gradually yields in to his fears and unveils/discloses his dark side. Philip Niels, a hero of the nation, goes on the quest to find his neighbour, who (has) mysteriously disappeared. From poor suburbs to the great northern landscapes, from detention centres to ultrasecured zones, he explores a country (which has been) subjugated by a dictatorship. Under the citizens’ benevolent stare, the state promotes a radical ecology and an ethnical policy/ethnical politics. Should there be an attack/a bomb attack, everybody would know who had perpetrated it: the Norda minority, stemming from an ancient/a former colony, the Northern Republic. Novel on postcolonialism, hyperterrorism, the rise of xenophobia in Western countries, Absolute North is also the depiction/portrayal of beings on the run, in search of an identity and vying for an impossible redemption.







Un pays du nord de l’Europe, quelque part au-delà du cercle polaire. Deux hommes arpentent la capitale, Medisën, ville entourée d’eau. Paul Janüs, journaliste, suit le second tour de la campagne présidentielle. Fasciné par Stalitlën, le candidat populiste qui pourrait être largement élu, il cède peu à peu à ses peurs et dévoile sa part d’ombre. Philip Niels, héros de la nation, part à la recherche de son voisin mystérieusement disparu. Des banlieues pauvres aux grandes étendues nordiques, des camps de rétention aux zones ultrasécurisées, il explore un pays asservi par une dictature. Sous le regard bienveillant des citoyens, l’État promeut écologie radicale et politique ethnique. Qu’un attentat éclate, le coupable est tout désigné : la minorité norda, issue d’une ancienne colonie, la République du Nord. Roman sur le postcolonialisme, l’hyperterrorisme, la montée de la xénophobie dans les pays occidentaux, Nord absolu est aussi le portrait d’êtres fuyants en quête d’identité et d’une impossible rédemption.


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