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Space opera
2017.07.22 21:18

In Search of the Lost Concept

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Extra Form
Author Kim Boyoung, Djuna, Park Seonghwan, Bae Myunghoon, Song Gyeonga, Yi Jimun, Yi Hyeon, Jeong Soyeon
Category Time travel,Biopunk
Country Korea
Specifications Pages: 256
Publication: 2007.11.
ISBN: 978-89-364-5605-4
Publisher Changbi






Armed with new imagination, we’re headed for the Andromeda Galaxy!

Eight sf short stories dedicated to teenagers, who will open the future


◈ About the Works


Kim, Boyoung ‘The Last Wolf’

The future of human beings, who have become the Dragons’ pets

At some point in the future, the Earth is ruled by the Dragons, who have turned human beings into household pets. A relentless human, the narrator escapes and searches for the last wolf, who supposedly has not succumbed to the Dragons and maintains his ancestors’ independent way of life. However, when finally discovered, the wolf says that he will accept the protagonist only after he has killed his master Dragon. Will our hero succeed in his dangerous venture?



Djuna ‘Gamalok’s Escape’

The tragic fate of Radus, extraterrestrial creatures that go wild at the sight of balls

One day in the future, extraterrestrial creatures called Radus hold a sports match on the Earth. In this game, which makes use of these animals’ instinct to chase after any spherical object, Gamalok, the national athlete, is the most popular hero. Escaping after an unexpected explosion in the stadium, Gamalok ceaselessly climbs a mountain. What could it possibly be searching for?


Park, Seonghwan ‘In Search of the Lost Concept’

How can 90% of the students at a single high school come within the top 10% nationally?

Hyeon-u is an ordinary high school student. One day, however, his friends’ grades start to improve dramatically. The secret behind such an overnight change lies in visits to a brain clinic at a university research center. Although our hero, too, becomes super-smart after a visit to the clinic, he finds that his mind is all tangled. This turns out to be because his brain has been occupied by Eoeus, who are from a planet in Galaxy NH-856…! Will Hyeon-u be able to save the Earth against Eoeus?


Bae, Myunghoon ‘Mom’s Power of Explanation’

Geocentrism or heliocentrism—which is the truth?

Adopted from India as a child, Muk-hui has been raised by her astronomer mother. As a competent scientist, Mom has had answers to all of the protagonist’s questions—which, however, turn out to have been lies. Mom then tells Muk-hui that Chandramukhi, the girl’s birth mother and a geocentrist, was killed due to heliocentrists’ plot. What is the truth behind the heroine’s biological mother and her death?


Song, Gyeonga ‘Maelstrom’

The scary and terrible vibes of the victims of bullying

Ever since an encounter with the spirit of his late aunt, Do-hyeon has had a special ability. What he most fears are the dark vibes that are emitted whenever someone is being bullied. Seized by vibes that are darker, stickier, and colder than ever before, he realizes that he must act fast, but it is difficult to eradicate the problem of bullying. What should he do…?


Yi, Ji-mun ‘A Personal Motive’

The secret of the suspicious first Korean scientist to win the Nobel Prize

Dr. Kim Yeong-seon is the first Korean scientist to receive the Nobel Prize in medicine thanks to his invention of the empathy system, which allows people to contact someone’s brain and to experience his or her feelings. His high school experience served as the impetus of this invention. What might be the behind story?



Yi, Hyeon ‘Roswell Warning’

There’s an extraterrestrial in the rooftop room!

A 1st-year high school student, Choe Ga-ram runs out of the classroom during a midterm examination. Though he badly wants to rebel against his parents and school, he at the same time is at loss as to what to make of his life. One day, however, a UFO lands on the roof of his house and out come extraterrestrials…! Will this prove to be a breakthrough for Ga-ram?


Jeong, Soyeon ‘Coolness after Rain’

Where would the world be like to a girl whom no one can remember?

“I’m Hong Ji-yeong, student no. 36,” Ji-yeong answers instinctively whenever asked her name because no one including her classmates and friends can quite remember her. One day, however, the homeroom teacher starts to remember and to call on her. Why in the world does the teacher constantly ask the protagonist for counseling sessions now?

This volume presents short stories by eight representative sci-fi writers of South Korea. Extraordinary and gripping, these tales will be all the more approachable and engrossing to young adult readers who anticipate something new and special.






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  20. In Search of the Lost Concept

    Armed with new imagination, we’re headed for the Andromeda Galaxy! Eight sf short stories dedicated to teenagers, who will open the future ◈ About the Works Kim, Boyoung ‘The Last Wolf’ The future of human beings, who have...
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