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Science Fiction
2017.12.20 14:13

Science/ action award winning stories

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Extra Form
Author Kim, Jongil at al
Country Korea
Specifications 2014
pages :488
ISBN: 9788960171596
Publisher Goldenbough



Science/ action award winning stories




김종일, 전건우, 임태운 등 주목받는 장르작가들과 SF 등 다양한 장르의 신인 작가들의 작품을 한데 모은 단편집 『대전(對戰)』이 황금가지에서 출간되었다. 스턴트 연기를 위해 찾은 곳에서 갑작스럽게 마주친 악당들과의 혈투를 담은「대전」, 야간 달리기 중 만난 연쇄 살인마와의 싸움을 다루고 있는 「나이트 런」, PC방 폐인이 CIA라는 거대 조직과 벌이는 기막힌 싸움을 담은 「레어템의 보존법칙」 등 기성작가들의 작품과 외계 문명과의 접촉을 꿈꾸는 박사의 이야기를 담은 「박사님의 우주전파」, 디스토피아적 세계관을 담은 「영원을 위하여」 등 신인 작가들의 작품 10편이 수록되어 있다. 이중 「레어템의 보존법칙」은 기발한 아이디어와 유머러스한 묘사들로 인해 이미 영화사 등에서 영화화에 대한 논의가 진행될 정도로 화제를 모으고 있다.




폭탄이 설치된 빌딩 옥상에서 투입된 스턴트맨. 그러나 그를 기다리는 것은 미치광이 살인마들이었다. 광기에 얼룩진 살인마들로부터 목숨을 구하고 무사히 건물을 탈출하라! 공포가 아닌 액션을 선보이는 김종일 작가의 최신작!

박사님의 우주전파 
외계 문명과 접촉이 가능하다고 믿는 박사. '즐거운 우주 산책: 외계인 친구를 찾아서'라는 강의를 열고 다섯 명의 수강생을 받지만 그들의 환불 요구에 강의 끝에 외계인과 교신을 실패할 경우 전액 환불하겠다고 선언하는데...

나이트 런
사별 후 밤 강변을 달리는 남자. 그러나 우연히 마주친 연쇄살인마로부터 목숨을 위협받는다. 이제 목숨을 건 달리기가 시작된다.

지하실의 여신들
기억을 잃은 채 눈을 뜬 여자와 그녀를 돌보는 여의사. 그리고 드러나는 섬뜩한 진실.

영원을 위하여
방사능으로 멸망에 이른 인류, 그리고 장기 수면에서 한 소녀가 깨어난다. 디스토피아적 상상력으로 만들어낸 SF 소설.

레어템의 보존법칙
게임 속에 거대한 비밀이 숨겨져 있다면? 한국의 PC방 폐인이 미국의 CIA를 발칵 뒤집은 초유의 사건이 벌어진다. 실연 당한 후 PC방 정액권을 끊고 PC방 폐인이 되려 한 남자, 그러나 그가 접속한 게임에선 CIA의 비밀 데이터가 숨어 있었는데...

생명의 꽃
인류의 마지막 생존자가 로봇의 이야기.

손녀딸을 잃고 상처를 안고 사는 한 노인에게 찾아온 외계소녀.

그들이 존재한 시간, 1905
일본 위안부로 끌려간 여동생을 구출하려는 오빠의 사투!

음악으로 인한 상처를 음악으로 극복하는 조선시대 궁중악사 이야기


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  3. Sprinter: Underworld

    During normal rush hour, Seoul Metro line no.2 is attacked by mysterious creatures. Dan, the best sprinter of his school, goes on a subway adventure with his friends upon learning that his mother was trapped at Noryangjin Station.
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  4. Korea Science Fiction Award Anthology:Book Missing Inside Library

    Kim Choyeop's "the Book Missing Inside Library" is a beautiful story about mother-daughter relationship in the future when people's memory can be uploaded. Four other excellent works are also included in this anthology. (The 2nd Kor...
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  5. Escher's Hand

    Escher’s Hand is based on the era when the ‘electronic brain’ become a part of everyday life. It is a SF novel with a concept called ‘memory deleting’, unravels the complicated stories of various figures in for...
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  6. Hired

    In the distant future, there are psychics on Earth called 'transer', who can communicate with any races in the universe. 16 years old boy Mayrun finds out his ability by chance, and became a hired gun. This novel talks about teenage...
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  7. The puppet

    Great curator Gaon doubts his father’s death. Gaon’s half sister Seor-A gave him a mysterious invitation which father had left and a strange doll known as only inherited for leader. This is a suspense thriller based on the histo...
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  8. Chiwoo Saga

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  9. The Mark

    The Mark is a tool to choose the Mother. And the chosen Mather can give a birth to the Savior. The Savior is the only person who can rescue the world. The Mark has a secret of Samsara, the eternal cycle. One who tries to kill Mather for bre...
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  10. The Ultimate Child

    One day, FBI agent Simon Ken who lives pointless since 911 terror, had received a letter. This mysterious letter was mailed in 10 years ago. The content of letter is oddly connected with the last article which his departed wife had left. Th...
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  11. TOEMAROK series

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  12. Dream Collector

    2015 SF Award! The dream planet of Maya is a planet that responds to the imagination of humans and thus makes people experience what they imagine! The planet of Maya constitutes of materials that resonate with human brain waves that can rea...
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  13. Reset the Earth

    • Fantasy with a compelling storyline about the destruction and fall of the earth. • Apocalyptic action novel that takes games as its inspiration. • A riveting story that spurs the imagination of its readers. Even a humble, m...
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  14. Carvedness

    Carvedness An Excerpt: The other dad got angry, seeing this dad had given up talent, but at the same time thought it was his own opportunity, for while this dad had his own home and money, there was nothing in the world belonging to him. He...
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  17. Three kinds of time( Hanakwon award)

    Hanawon SF award for YA Times of three: A family of three lives in a small spaceship. Each lives in different speed of time. father’s time has stopped, mother lives in slow time, the kid lives in fast time. Philosophical yet touchingly...
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  18. Homo Dominans - A Dominating Man(호모 도미난스)

    What if one day you are given "the power" to control others? The greatest fight takes place between those with the power and those trying to stop them!
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  19. Gamateul Style(가마틀 스타일)

    Gamateul Style Artificial Intelligence Robot Gamateul rejects the system and finds a new identity. It follows the destiny granted by its right hand, which is the beginning of the greatest adventure.
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  20. Jaein, Jaeuk and Jaehun

    Jaein, Jaeuk and Jaehun A story about a meaningless coincidence, insignificant supernatural powers, a small, ordinary kindness and warm hearts that we come across often
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